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We understand how important is your hair and that with each falling strand you also lose your confidence
Regain your confidence. Consult our dermatologist Now
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Your skin needs more then rinse and cleanse
We will make your skin and hair look and feel healthy, no matter what
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For Skin & hair problem that comes but never goes
Consult our dermatologist for all the rigid problems. We will solve it for you
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Hair fall = Baldness +Loss of confidence
Early dermatologist intervention = Prevent Hair fall + Confidence
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About Skin Point

Skin Point, located at Ramamurthy nagar and Tin Factory, Bangalore is a trusted one-stop solution service care provider for skin, hair, and nail issues for 15+ years. The team is led by Dr. Manjunath B M — a trusted dermatologist and Cosmetologist in Bangalore.

Your skin
Our everything

By combining generations of expertise and pioneering spirit, The Skin point offers a full-service Dermatology experience

Best Skin Specialist | Ramamurthy Nagar| Tin Factory | Bangalore

About Skin Point

At Skin Point, simple and complex skin and hair care procedures are made available under one roof.

Skin Point Understands Your Skin And Hair Better

Using the latest scientific breakthroughs, we provide the best, medically proven services and products for all skin types and conditions. Our recently renovated practice embodies the ultimate in considered patient experience, giving you access to the latest in cosmetic and medical machinery, diagnostics, and imaging.

Pioneered by Dr. Manjunath B M, The Skin point began servicing patients over twenty years ago.

Skin point has two branches in Bangalore and through their clinical expertise and experience, they ensure that the skin and hair care solutions offered are safe and effective

Our expert Dermatologists and Trichologists are rigorously trained to give real results for all your skin and hair concerns.

Skin care | Best Skin Specialist | Ramamurthy Nagar| Tin Factory | Bangalore

What Services I'm Providing

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Hair Transplant

It helps to restore hair to areas of the scalp that are bald or that have thinning hair.

Acne/Scars Removal

Option to get rid of stubborn acne scars completely and permanently with safe and effective treatments.

Cosmetology & Lasers

It is used for a variety of aesthetic procedures & also to get a permanent results for unwanted hairs.


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Patient testimonials

What Our Patients Have To Say

I have been visiting several doctors for acne without any improvement. It’s been only one month since I went to Dr Manjunath already my problem seems to be solved to a great extent. Am very happy with dr Manjunath…he is an excellent doctor and I recommend him to others also


He is very cool to see the patients, and he as given medicines and explained to do ,i done in the same process ,how he has explained everything got cured to me.Really I was very happy ,because I had showed to 10 doctors it did not cure ,finally I showed to him ,it got cured


Doctor is very friendly & Excellent diagnosed experience which the doctor has got, Each & everything is satisfactory treatment with affordable Price.